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Paintball Tournament

Sunday 13th July 2014

Take on Friends and Foe!

An exciting day to be had  with Level 13 at Kitenui Deer Farm.

$35 entry per person (teams of 8 – 10)

Includes a BBQ ,prizes for the top 3 teams and spot prizes on the day

(if you don’t have your own weapons we have them for hire for $30 for your first 100 balls and $20 per 100 after that)

This is a picturesque battle field on one of Taupo’s most sort after event locations.

Great day out for your team.

Maximum of 10 teams so be in quick!


A big help!

WOW, today we were given a wonderful leg up by a friend who donated almost $30,000 worth of audio setup for the arena! We are on our way people!level13background.jpg

“You are all going to die down here”

Friends and family can play alongside you, or partake even without entering the arena through remote controlled sentry cannons and thermal readouts via radio comms. But will they help, or hinder you? Bullets dont discriminate…

     Face Real Fear


  • A fully interactive combat environment focused on the survival/horror genre
  • Play on your own or with up to 7 friends
  • Large arena consisting of claustrophobic tunnels and rooms
  • An entire race of horrifying creatures


As it stands: We give ourselves 1 year to raise the goal of at least $200,000 to bring our real life video game to life!

The more money we raise, the more interactive the game becomes and the more options available to you the player. This means more aliens, more weapons to kill them with, and more interactive arena components! We are building a huge arena within our facility and want to make it as awesome an experience as we can. Even if you miss out on the original 80 day funding campaign and the offers available to those that do, you can still join our community and support the project


Traditional LazerTag does not appeal to your average gamer!


We now live in a world of high tech weapons and real physics engines, not plastic laser guns with glowing vests. Leave the childs games to children, this is combat for grownups!


If  you have ever watched a sci-fi video, or played a first person shooter game  and thought “I wish I could do this for real” now you CAN.


At its core, Level 13 is a Survival Horror. Your team against an endless swarm of horrific creatures hell bent on your extinction. It is an environment where every move you make has repercussions, every shot might be your last. Time is precious and every second, every bullet you waste could cost us all.