Level 13 Unlucky for Some

Level 13.

This is where you get out from behind the console and where gaming comes to life. It's about good versus evil and light versus dark. 

It’s happening right here in New Zealand and nowhere else in the world. We’ve developed the technology, the thrill and the real life experience of alien combat. We want to save the planet, get your butt off the sofa, thumbs off the console and down to Level 13 where you choose your weapons, face the fear, and live to fight another day.

Be part of the action. By investing in Level 13, through Kickstarter you'll help this project become a world-first and we believe, one of many.  We've done the hard work and to get us to the next level we need is NZ$70,000.  Then it will be doors open and game on.

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This is not laser tag, holograms, computer-generated gaming or a Disneyland-style ride. Level 13 is real people using real weapons to engage as a team and save the world from real aliens – well, they’re not real aliens, but they sure look and act as if they are. We are talking razor teeth, claws, and pop-open bursty bits as well as massive amounts of fun.

Level 13 - Real Life Experience of Alien Combat

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